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  • Certified ASE Technicians
  • Exhaust
  • Electronic Tune-Up Service
  • Brake Service
  • Computer
  • Diagnostics
  • BG Fuel & Induction System Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Service & Repair
  • Transmissions
  • BG Fluid Flushes
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Electrical Repair
  • Oil Changes.
  • Domestic, Import & Light Truck Service
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Towing & Starting
  • We Specialize in Classic Cars
  • Complete

  • Restorations

Check Engine Light

Your check engine just went on – Should you have your car towed for diagnosis or can you continue to drive for a short time. You should have the problem diagnosed soon. Diagnosing your Check Engine Light is common and the Sheppard Autopmotive mechanics can quickly tell you the reason for the light and the cost to repair.

The check engine light signals a potential problem and there are four typical reasons

Gas Cap:

You gas cap could be loose or missing. Check your gas cap

Spark Plugs:

Spark plugs are small but essential, since they make the car go by igniting the compressed fuel in an internal combustion engine. Misfiring spark plugs can affect engine power and fuel economy and can also damage the catalytic converter. You can replace spark plugs yourself for as little as $10 or pay $300 for a technician to do it.

Catalytic Converter:

The catalytic converter uses a precious metal like platinum — to convert harmful emission gases o less harmful emissions.

Faulty oxygen sensor

The sensor measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. If the rating is to high, it triggers the oxygen sensor.

Is it time to Service Your Foreign or Domestic Car – Truck-SUV?

Do you need an Oil Change? Is your Check Engine Light on? Call Sheppard Automotive Specialists and let them perform your next Auto Service.

West Los Angeles Auto Repair When do I really need a vehicle Engine Tune Up?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Are Engine Tune Ups based on mileage driven or a number of months?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Are all Tune Ups the same for every Car - SUV – Truck?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair When should I need an Oil Change – every 3,000 miles, 5,000 miles or 10,000 miles?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Should I choose synthetic oil or petroleum oil-why?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair My check engine light is on – is it safe to drive my vehicle?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair How much does it cost to fix the Check Engine Light?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Are you experiencing a drive ability problem – your car is not running like it use to?

Sheppard Automotive provides high quality Auto Service at discounted prices. Our automotive specialist do Complete Engine Tune Ups, Oil & Filter Changes and Diagnosis /repair of Check Engine Lights. Sheppard Automotive is successful because of our customer commitment, fair pricing and many years of Automotive Experience.

Engine Tune Ups

What exactly is an Engine Tune Up and how often will my Car, SUV or Truck require a Engine Tune Up?

The good news is that if you car is newer than 1990 and have Fuel Injections, you may only need the engine checked every 30,000 to replace the Spark Plugs, inspect the Fuel Injection, inspect the Engine Wiring Harness, replace the Fuel & Air Filters and inspect the PVC (Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valves.

For all vehicles we will perform a Complete Computer check of your Engine and a Multi-Check Safety Inspection as part of our complete Engine Tune Up Service.

Is your car- SUV – Truck older than 1990? Do not worry. You car may need an Engine Tune Up every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

Typical Engine Performance Issues:

West Los Angeles Auto Repair Are you experiencing a Decrease in your Gas Mileage?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Do you have a Loss of Engine Power?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Do you hear a Engine Knocking Noise when accelerating?
West Los Angeles Auto Repair Does the engine continue to run after the ignition is turned off?

You should make an appointment for us to diagnosis those symptoms. You could have a faulty Spark Plug, faulty Spark Plug Wire, blocked Fuel Injector or a dirty Carburetor.

With any BG Services

These Items are provided:


• Towing*
• Jump Start
• Tire Change
• Lock-Out Service**
• Trip Routing Service
• Repair or Replacement of a Damaged Tire
• Emergency Travel Expense
• Rental Car Reimbursement
• Travel Discount Service
• Theft/Hit and Run Protection***
• Fuel and Fluid Delivery**




Sheppard Automotive offers Jasper

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